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Restaurant foods tend to be higher in calories, fat and sodium, and portions are bigger than food prepared at home. But more and more customers are looking for healthier options while dining out.

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The Be Well Berkshires/Mass in Motion Healthy Dining Program works with local restaurants to make healthy food and drink options available to customers. By offering healthy entrees and side dishes, local restaurants are making it easier for customers to make healthy choices.

Be Well Berkshires  work with local restaurant owners to help them meet Healthy Dining nutrition guidelines. Participating restaurants offer smaller portions, fruit and vegetable substitutions, and healthier drink options.

Please click here for an up-to-date listing of qualified Restaurants that participate in the Healthy Dining Options Program

To be a part of Healthy Dining, restaurants will provide:

  • fruit and vegetable options – as alternatives to fries or other fried food – as sides
  • substitution of salad or vegetables as a side, at no extra cost
  • Clearly labeled menu items that are low-fat, low-calorie, lower sodium and trans fat free
  • 1% or skim milk, if milk is on the menu
  • smaller portions for a reduced price or  a half meal to-go option

Healthy Dining Brings in Business

The Healthy Dining Program helps businesses meet the demands of increasingly health conscious customers. Participation is easy. Restaurants simply feature healthy menu items they may already offer or make small changes to make existing items healthier.

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