Access to Healthy Food Choices


Be Well Berkshires supports many efforts to make healthy food accessible to all at several points of access including Farmer’s Markets, Corner Stores, Food Pantries/Meal Sites, and Restaurants.

Farmer’s Markets: We work with planning teams and farmers to make sure they accept all federal benefits including SNAP, WIC, and Senior Farmer’s Market Coupons. We also help in the creation of Double Value Programs allowing community members to get a match on their benefits used at Farmer’s Markets.

Corner Stores: For some neighborhoods, the only place to purchase food is small corner stores. These stores are often lacking fresh produce and other healthier food options. Be Well Berkshires works with store owners to increase the availability of healthy food options and to help promote these foods to its shoppers.

Food Pantries/Meal Sites: We work with meal site staff to support the use of fresh produce and healthier food options/cooking methods, and support the donation of healthier food options to the pantries through a Healthy Donation list.

Restaurants: Our Healthy Dining Options program recruits and promotes restaurants offering healthy options on their menus. Use the Healthy Dining Locator to find restaurants near you!

Schools: School food service providers increase healthy food choices to include more fruit and vegetable options, including local produce when possible, as well as other healthy options as described above. BWB supports schools in their efforts to meet the USDA’s nutrition standards for school lunch and school breakfast programs, released on January 26, 2012.


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