Bikeability and Walkable Communities

shutterstock_127772525 Be We Berkshires promotes a wide variety of initiatives as well as supporting the use of bike paths, walking loops, and other ways to bike, walk, run, or simply just access for user.

Walking and biking are easy, inexpensive modes of exercise and transportation. But how safe is your community for these activities? Be Well Berkshires works towards making the streets safe for walking and biking including creation and promotion of walking loops, bike lanes, safe sidewalks and crossing signals, and Complete Streets design. To accomplish this we pair with MassDOT and other technical assistance organizations to conduct walk/bike audits, and encourage city and town officials to consider all modes of transportation in street repair and redesigns.

For more information on walkability, please contact our BWB coordinators, Amanda Chilson and Morgan Ovitsky.






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